Monday, August 23, 2010

feeling crafty

Ummm, I tend to stress over things.  Alot!

Something I stress over is scrapbooking.  Of course, I love love love taking photos and I absolutely adore creating fun and oh-so-cute scrappy pages of my boys....

but I can NEVER find the time.

That's not even what stresses me out.

In order to work on my scrapbook, I have to lug out ALL of my stuff,
scissors, paper, cutting tools, cutesy little embellishments, and so on & so on...
It takes so much time to lug it out and put it all back up nice and neat.
I have even left it out before on the formal dining room table...
Since I have NO kid free space to do this "scrapbooking hobby" my materials end up destroyed and hubby ends up ill at the not so lovely table decorations.

That doesn't even stress me out!

What causes me stress when I think of scrapbooking is...
all of the unfinished pages I have started,
all of the supplies I have purchased {with the best initentions} and never used
all of the adorable kodak moments I captured but never actually got them in a book for anyone to view and enjoy!

Living in the digital age of uploading boys never get to sit and flip through old photos of themselves.

Now that causes me stress.

So, I have officially joined the digital age completely...
and started digital scrapbooking.

Check out the very first 12x12 page I created:

I am so impressed with myself.

I have recently learned about the whole digital designing process while "branding" myself and my new photog business {since I am too cheap to pay the big bucks for someone else to do it}.  I am actually designing my own Christmas cards for the upcoming holiday season.  The more I have learned about the designing side, the more I realized I LOVED it...
so why not try applying it to digital scrapbooking? 
{My hubby is thinking - just what she needs, ANOTHER creative outlet!}.

When I place my next print order for one of my photography clients, I will simply order this image for me in a 12x12 print {so all of my images on the page will be top quality}.  Then I will simply slide the print in one {of the many} scrapbooks I already own.  

I am so excited and feel slightly accomplished {even though its just one page}.

I have been purchasing design supplies/tools for my business from The Shabby Shoppe and I am inlove with ALL of their stuff!  Yummy!!!  Yummy!!!  I have drooled over many of their adorable digi scrapbooking kits for a while now.  I actually purchased my blog elements from The Shabby Shoppe and I love the way my blog looks! 

Not to mention that the ladies over at the Shabby Shoppe are soooo unbelievably talented and give out lots of tutorials and ideas on their blog.  

I plan on using my pictures, my previously purchased kits and their ideas to create something adorable and sentimental for my family.  

I am set and I am going to give this digi-scrapping thing a shot.  

I store all of the supplies on my computer.  There are no scissors to worry about hiding from my kiddos.  The kits I own {digitally} can be used over and over and over and mixed & matched with others...the possibilities are endless.  

You know I will be throwing a big party when I finally have just ONE book completed and full of my very own pages.  I can't wait to share!

Game on...


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