Friday, May 28, 2010

monsters in my home.

There is THAT one last missing sock!  What a monster!  Ughhhh...

I find little monsters like these in pockets at my house ALL the time.

I knew monsters were eating the remote!  It disappears all the time.

Oh, that gooey, sticky, caked on forever dried & icky jelly!

I fight with the monsters in my dishwasher all the time.  There is NEVER enough room for all the dirty dishes in my house!

These little monsters look very familiar...just like the ones I pulled out from under my sofa this morning!

I have monsters lurking and hiding in the corners of my CLEAN floor.

They POP out when guests arrive, ruining my facade of having an extremely clean home!

I love these images by Christoff Niemann for his "Haunted House" post.  Thanks Natalie for sharing them with me!


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