Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i owe you an apology ahead of time

On Facebook, I have noticed a new trend...
to "check-in" at places around town and tell your FB world exactly where you are.

It seems to be very popular in the iphone world.

Why on earth would someone need to tell me on FB where they are all throughout their day?

I have 2 friends on FB that literally "check-in" at different places around town
at least once a day if not 5-6 times a day.

Susie is eating grabbing lunch at McD's.
David is at the BrewWorks bar and Grill for dinner.
And so on...

I will admit that I have thought this to be a little over the top in the social media world.

I think I found the cause of this new trend.
I may be a little late catching this train, but here goes!

So, I have downloaded the FREE WeRewards app for my iphone {you can also get the app for the android and blackberry, too}.


I have also downloaded the Foursquare app, as well.  

From what I understand...
You actually earn $$$$ {well pennies} for checking in at places with WeRewards.
Most of the "checking in" includes taking a picture of yourself at the place with the logo in view.
As for Foursquare...it seems to be more of a game.  You can earn points and badges and "play" with friends.  However, the more you check-in at places on Foursquare the more likely you are to be offered specials and discounts.

Facebook friends, I am apologizing ahead of time for keeping you updated as to my where abouts.
Please know that I DO NOT feel that my life is so important and exciting 
that I constantly feel the need to share it with the world...
but, that I am just attempting, yet again, to save a little money or even possibly make a few $$$ here and there.

We are headed to McDonald's for a quick Happy Meal to give it our FIRST TRY!
According to the app...I will make 14 pennies for going through the drive through today.

We'll see.


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