Wednesday, September 22, 2010

here comes fall

I made the effort to go for a walk this morning.
I am praying that since tomorrow is the first day of Fall,
it will start cooling down a little bit here in the south.

With cooler weather apporaoching...
I would like to get back into the routine of daily exercise {and meditation}.

Today I was not alone.


I had a walking partner {and a little added resistance in the form of a jogging stroller}.

I actually started my "couch to 10K" exercise program today.
I blogged about this wonderful app HERE.
But I will definitely have to do a "do-over" of day #1, workout #1
since we stopped to take lots of pictures and enjoy our surroundings.


Max kept saying "leaf falling, leaf falling".


Amazing that I took the previous picture
in the shade with falling leaves and a "slightly" cool breeze.

As I glanced to my right,
hot sun, beautiful flowers and flittering butterflies.
So, I snapped this shot.


Bring on the change of seasons.

I am looking forward to cooler weather & earlier sunrises
so I can get my walking/running in before everyone gets up
{well, I'm not really looking forward to that, but it will help get my day going}.

Whew, my boys are ready for Fall, too.
They love to be outside and right now it is just too dang hot!

IMG_8630blog copy

Since the other 2 boys are in school now...
my time with Max is so precious.

This kid is REALLY this cute AND this happy all the time!

IMG_8627blog copy

I promise we did get in a little exercise...

Ummm, just a little!

One thing is priorities are in order.

I am a mommy and photographer.
I am NOT a marathon runner.
I'll start my "couch to 10K" over again



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