Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Either the kids OR the dogs...

"It's either the kids OR the dogs, but someone has to go!", is what I screamed at my husband just last week. Seriously. I said that.

I am so irritated at our beloved 4-legged family members right now that I could scream (well, actually, I did that already).

Meet Sadie:

and Zoi:

These 2 dogs are driving me crazy. On top of trying to manage a home with a bunch of kiddos running around pulling stuff out of toy boxes,
sitting on counters & playing in water splashing it all over the bathroom (in hiding of course),
pulling out snack after snack out of the pantry,
threatening to draw on walls or other things,
etc., etc. (it's never a dull moment around here),
So, I get slightly ill when the dogs cause messes, too!
And lately, it seems to be too much!

When I pull clean clothes out of the dryer, they are still covered in dog hair. How can that be?
And it doesn't matter how often I vacuum, there are still dog hair dust bunnies everywhere.

Speaking of the vacuum cleaner, when you turn it on, it produce a huge amount of dog aroma which fills my house with a very yucky smell. It's from vacuuming huge amounts of dog hair I suppose.

AND, when they go in and out...whether we wipe off their feet or not (which is a big pain - 8 extra feet to wipe, puh-leaz), my wood floors are constantly dulled by paw prints. I can't ever have clean floors. Really, I want clean floors. I WANT CLEAN FLOORS!!!

Should I dare to mention the amount of stinky smelly gas 2 big dogs can produce. Disgusting!!!

See that dog bed, it's the size of a baby mattress. It's huge! It's in my bedroom. My sanctuary, my resting place, is being invaded by this big smelly, yucky dog bed (and it wasn't cheap, either) and 2 big smelly dogs. This dog bed sheds fuzzy stuff, too! Which means I need to vacuum, but the vacuum cleaner smell like a dog...see, it's a vicious cycle!

Oh, Oh, and I almost forgot. They eat my kids food off the table. Since I am a multi-tasker and never sit still, I will serve breakfast or lunch and continue to do other things around the house. Eventually I hear my baby screaming "Dogs, dogs, no!" When I return to the table, my baby's high chair tray is empty and Zoi is licking her lips. These dogs can swipe a whole sandwich off the counter as quick as it takes you to turn and close the refrigerator door. It has happened, Really!!!!!!

And get this,
my husband will come home from work in the evening and at some point start his little conversation with the "puppies" (as he calls them) & then look at me and say "Did you pay any attention to the puppies today?"

OR he will look at the dogs and say "mama didn't pet you today, did she?" making sure that I hear him. He thinks this is funny. Uh, really, it's not. this is no laughing matter!

Honestly, at that point, I envision picking up a large lamp and throwing it at his head!!!!! And I am NOT a violent person, really!

So, one day last week, I lost it! I threw a full-blown, "mama ain't happy" fit. I screamed at my hubby "its either your dogs or your kids, but someone has to go."

No need to alert PETA, the dogs are still alive and very well taken care of. I eventually returned to my hubby and said "okay, okay, we don't have to get rid of the dogs or the kids."

And of course, nothing is any different around here as far as the 4-legged friends go.

Sadie still has long hair (even though I begged my hubby to get her groomed - there is no way I can get 3 little boys and a very big dog to the groomer's on my own! I would definitely lose someone).

Dust bunnies are still alive and well and roaming around my dirty, dull wood floors.

And the vacuum still stinks!

Today, it is even raining. So when they go out and come back in, I will have 8 extra legs to wipe off and clean.

Apparently dogs and kids rule, mommies drool!!!!


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