Friday, October 29, 2010

saving money

In an effort to save my family money...
I have become a coupon cutie!

And I am loving it!

I save my family TONS of money.
I buy things we need and things we don't.
Getting most of it for next to nothing or FREE.
Keep what we use and donate the rest.

I am a total nerd and decided to make it an experiment.
For the next 3 months (Oct.-Dec.)
I am going to to be VERY methodical and see how much I can BUY
and how much I can SAVE.

The idea is to STOCK UP on the items we use so that they never run out and I am never buying our household staples without using a coupon combined with a sale!

I do my regular weekly grocery shopping at Kroger - buying bread, veggies and meat.

I hit up the other stores around collecting MY DEALS.

So here goes!

This week:

Rite Aid Purchases
I paid only $4.44 for all of this.  AND I earned $1 in Up Rewards (good towards my next purchase).

CVS Pharmacy Purchases:
I paid only $5.55 for all of this.  
AND, I earned $6 EXTRA CARE BUCKS (good towards my next purchase.)
So I really profited $0.45 from my trip to CVS this week.
The Purex detergent was $6.49 regular priced - by itself.
I got 2 of them, plus more, and MADE $0.45.
Not too shabby!

Publix Purchases:
I paid only $7.70 for all of this.
The box of wipes was on sale for $7.99 by itself.

So for this week...
All of these items should've cost me about $70.
I paid less than $18 for all of it.
AND, I earned $7 towards my purchases next week.
ALL of the items I purchased this week are for US (no donating this week).

Week #1 - I impressed myself!


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