Friday, October 29, 2010

saving money

This week:

Rite Aid Purchases
Ok, this was a little exciting!  So, keep up...
{sigh, yes, I am a nerd}
I paid $32.65 for all of this.  AND I earned $5 in Up Rewards (good towards my next purchase)
BUT, I GOT BACK $41.41 in Single Rebate Checks.
Yep, I MADE a profit of more than $13 from my trips to Rite Aid.
I said PROFIT.

Another good thing about my trip to Rite Aid...
I got LOTS of stuff to donate this week.

CVS Pharmacy Purchases:
I paid only $3.44 for all of this.  
AND, I earned $5 EXTRA CARE BUCKS (good towards my next purchase.)
Yet again this week, I really profited from my trip to CVS this week.
The Purex detergent was $6.49 regular priced - by itself.
I got 2 of them, plus more, and MADE $1.56.
Not too shabby!

So for this week...

All of these items should've cost me about more than $150.
I paid just a little more than $36 for all of it.
AND, I earned $10 towards my purchases next week.
Plus, I will be getting a check in the mail for $41.41.

In the end...
I MADE more than $50 from my purchases this week.
AND, gots lots of stuff for MY family
and LOTS of stuff to donate. 

Week #2 - That was FUN!


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