Friday, October 29, 2010

saving money

This week:  Not soooooo exciting {like last week}.  BUT, I got lots of items that we NEEDED at really great prices.  I stocked up some staples for our household.

Rite Aid Purchases
I paid $31.69 for all of this.  AND I earned $2 in Up Rewards (good towards my next purchase).
The packages of diapers were just under $4.
YES, we are STILL using diapers, so this was a plus!
Lots of savings for this trip to Rite Aid...but no major steals.

Kroger Purchases
I paid $19.08 for all of this.  
6 Tubes of Kids' Toothpastes - FREE
1 Can Shaving gel - FREE
2  Containers of Similac Formula - made a slight profit
11 Packs of rice - $0.10 each
12 Boxes of cereal - about $1 each

I got LOTS of items to donate from Kroger this week.
I love giving stuff away!

Publix Purchases
I paid $11.23 for all of this.
No major steals, but stuff we needed at great prices.
I'll take it!

CVS Pharmacy Purchases:
I paid only $15.12 for all of this.
AND, I earned $10 EXTRA CARE BUCKS (good towards my next purchase.)
So technically I got all of this for just over $5.
Some I will give away and some of the Aveeno products I will actually use.
Not too bad!

So for this week...
All of these items should've cost me about more than $260.
I paid just a little more than $77 for all of it.
AND, I earned $12 towards my purchases next week.

In the end...
I SAVED 70% off my purchases this week.
AND, gots lots of stuff for MY family
and LOTS of stuff to donate. 

Week #3 - Experiment Totals So Far
I spent {out of pocket}
For almost $400 worth of STUFF

A savings of over 82%


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