Friday, November 5, 2010

still behind on posting

More Halloween photos...

The boys got to dress for school.  

Sam's dress up day was actually a few weeks ago.  Apparently I had not seen the note that came home from Sam's elementary school notifying me of this big day.  So, on the way home from school I overheard Sam telling his brother "I get to dress up tomorrow for school and I am going to be a pirate."  I panicked!  We threw this pirate costume together {with the help on Nonnie and Party City} in a flash.  

One catch, he had to be a book character.
So we pulled this book off of the kids' bookshelf {one of my boys' favorites} and sent him on his way.

Whew...nice save!

The kids got to "parade" through the hallways to show off their costumes during the 
Character Parade.

There's Sam and his amazing teacher, Mrs. Buff!

James actually got dress up the Friday before Halloween.

Argh Matey!

I snapped these pix as we were walking out the door for preschool.

Notice the breakfast cereal in his hand. 
That's just how we roll {and yes, I just said that}.

Oh how I love the picture below, of the little ones saying the blessing before snack time.

This is James and his best buddy, Cody.

This is Mrs. Julie.
Mrs. Julie and I are actually friends - we went to elementary school together.
She take very good care of my sweet boy!
And she tolerates that crazy kid, too!


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