Tuesday, November 2, 2010

saving money

This week the sales weren't that exciting plus I was overwhelmed by other things going on, so I didn't HURRY to the stores at the beginning of the week.  I HAVE found that to be the key to this "couponing/sale" game.  If you want to get the best deals, you have to hit the stores on Sunday and Monday to really stock up things you NEED.  Otherwise, you get the left overs.

I wasn't planning on hitting up the stores for the sales this week.  I did make one trip to Kroger at the beginning of the week which was VERY productive.  But, the other sales (at CVS and Rite Aid) didn't seem too appealing.  

However, I got VERY excited when I got my "Single Check Rebate" $ from Rite Aid in the mail on Tuesday.  

Remember a few weeks ago (week 2) when I actually PROFITED from my trip to Rite Aid?  

Well, I got my rebate check for $41.41.  
That inspired me to look over the sale papers again and hit the stores QUICKLY for just a few things.

It was a very random list of items that I got, but overall lots of BIG savings.  

Seriously random items - so no pictures!

Kroger Purchases
I paid $4.46 for $46.92 worth of groceries.  

Rite Aid Purchases
I paid $13.38 for $67.47 worth.
AND I earned $9 in Up Rewards (good towards my next purchase)
$1 in "Single Check Rebates".
So REALLY I only spent $3.38 and will be giving MOST of the items I purchased away.

CVS Pharmacy Purchases:
I paid only $9.27 for $136.22 worth.
Yep, you read it right.  That's a savings of 93%.
AND, I earned $10 EXTRA CARE BUCKS (good towards my next purchase.)
So technically I made $0.73 PROFIT.
I did get 3 boxes of Purex laundry 3-in-1 Sheets that made this trip completely worth the time!

All of these items should've cost me about more than $255.
I paid just a little more than $27 for all of it.
AND, I earned $20 towards my purchases next week.

In the end...
I SAVED 90% from my purchases this week.


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