Friday, November 5, 2010

my garden is confused

As I write this post, I am contemplating turning on my heat.  
My house is freezing and the weather outside is rather chilly.
Fall has set in and now we are feeling some wintery temperatures for the first time.  
Up until this week, our weather here in the south has remained quite warm.

My garden is so confused.  It is still producing lots of good stuff.
All through October, I noticed lots of new veggies appearing.
I love walking out there and seeing the plants remaining VERY green and full of life.
Red and green chilis
Crazy hot habenero peppers.
{I have a funny story about these little guys in an upcoming post.}

And this plant has been my favorite ALL summer.  
It's full of tiny chili peppers.
Full of color.
And hundreds of peppers.
Still producing...

We even have tons of these little pumpkins.
I was so excited to pick them and decorate the house with our very own PUMPKINS
for Halloween!

Yep...even a few gourds.
But this is my most prized veggie for the fall.
Finally, after months and months of caring for this plant,
I got me a sweet yellow bell pepper.
First one from the October.

The bugs kept eating them {no matter what I tried}.
But, when fall set in and the temperatures cooled off just a more bugs.
I finally got to pick and EAT one BEFORE the bugs.
And now, my pepper plant is full of them!  YAY!!
I told you our garden was confused.
Our zinnias died, fried from the extreme heat during the summer.
Look what's blooming again...
All of our plants seem confused and still blooming.
With the first signs of winter approaching {today, in fact...brrrrrr!}
and freezing temperatures forecasted for tonight,
mother nature is about to show my garden who is in charge!

It was good while it lasted...all through the fall.
Quite YUMMY in fact!


julie said...

I almost ate that yellow bell pepper off your page! I am hunting blog designs I like and came across yours. And loved the title too. I have three boys and one girl so I do get a little pink thrown into my life. I'm glad you have it in your blog.
My blog is being redesigned at www.raisingthreeknightsandaprincess

Jenny said...

Beautiful garden pictures. My little hot chili plant was one of my biggest producers as well. My cantaloupe did awesome! We vined it up a trellis to save space. They would grow and then just hang there until perfectly ripe. Then they would just fall to the ground!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

These veggies look delicious!! I love the Indian summer we have been having to...beautiful photography!!

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