Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fell off the wagon

Whew, boy did I...

I fell of the wagon...the blog wagon...organization wagon...all of it! I lost control big time! I haven't been doing my morning devotions (I was just too busy, yeah right!). I haven't been grocery shopping. Therefore we have been eating out alot. Hubby has been home, too, due to some vacation time and the weather (got snowed in a few days). Seems like when he is home...laziness sets in. (sorry babe, but it's true!) Kids had a winter break from school, too. We are way off schedule. Completely out of control!

Good news is, I am back on track!

Lots has gone on in the past 2 weeks (of no blogging).

Lots to blog about over the next few days...

In fact, as a fellow blogger once said " It is so therapeutic for me, to just share, vent, whine, rejoice, ramble." I ditto that!

I am currently at my office (the local bagel shop) while my hubby is spending some time with his boys. I am hoping to use the next couple of hours to rejuvenate myself. The goal is also to get OUTSIDE today...the temp. is supposed to get up to 60 degrees. Hard to believe it actually snowed over 4 inches just last week. If I actually get my behind on the track for a quick walk - I will be shocked, but that is the goal!


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