Friday, February 5, 2010

Wonder Woman I am Not

I know it is shocking, but I am NO wonder woman. Instead, I find myself to be...well...sometimes on the emotional, slightly crazy side. My hubby would SOOOOO agree with that! (and I think that makes me ill & even more emotional)

Yesterday I stressed...over too much to do and not enough time. Yes, I know, this is a typical complaint of most mothers. Nothing new. I have had that same breakdown many times before.

One would think, upon "starting over" a new day, that I would wake up...full blast...gung ho...hopping to it...getting stuff done.

But, nooooooooo!!!!

I did NOTHING today.

I took the day to be lazy and did NOT feel guilty about it.

First of all, it is NOT like me to NOT feel guilty. I am always finding something to feel guilty about (like I mentioned yesterday).

Second, as for the day...I stayed in my pj's & my boys did too. We snuggled in bed and watched Dora most of the morning. We ate breakfast (brunch) around 10am. Then I played with the boys a bit...we tickled...we played chase...WE laughed (even me!) I sat around and knitted a little while the boys played some more. Then during naptime, I laid down with James and snuggled some more. I even almost dosed off - he never did off course, with me around.

To think I was hoping for a "new day" to get more "stuff" done...NOPE...I was hoping for a day like today.

Hubby even came home to a mommy in a great mood - in my pj's, hair in pony tail, no make-up (hmmm, I think I brushed my teeth today) - but in a great mood!

Yesterday - emotional & stressed. Today - lazy & happy.

Answered prayer? I think so.

Although, I am sure I will wake up tomorrow and remember that I am supposed to be stressed out & rushing around trying to get a massive amount of responsible/grown-up things accomplished in a small amount of time. I will definitely panic because I did nothing today...ughhhhhhh!!!!

I don't know...can't explain it!!!!! Slightly emotional and on the crazy side!!!


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