Saturday, June 19, 2010

my boys' toys

I took my boys to see the new Toy Story movie.

First of all, I took all 4 boys to the movies.
Even I think that is mighty brave of me.
My sweet Max, who is only 2 sat through the whole thing.
And all of the boys, ages 2 to 14, loved the movie!
I was so happy about that.

Second, holy cow, going to the movies are so expensive!
It cost us $44.50 just to go to the movie {not including snacks}.
Ughhhh!  I was NOT happy about that!

And last....the movie was somewhat traumatic for me.
Don't get me wrong, it was a cute movie.
I liked it!
I really liked that Max sat in my lap for 2 hours through the whole thing {snuggling with Mommy}.
However, the whole plot of the movie is that the kid who owns the toys is going off to college.
{that part is in the trailer, so I haven't given anything away, wink, wink!}

At the very end, this 18 year old kid says good-bye to his "mommy"
and to his toys and I was sobbing!

I glanced down the row of my boys {who were staring at the big screen}
and suddenly I had a panic attack...
they will say good-bye to me
and go off to college one day, too.

In the quiet, dark theater I suddenly wanted to scream
"you will never go to college.  you will never leave your mommy!"

Not yet.
I am not ready.

I know, I know...
I pray for them, all the time,
to grow
and to learn
and be strong men some day
{sometimes, I even pray for the one woman that they will meet & marry
but, we must never speak of that again - for at least 20 more years!}

But, I am not ready for my boys to grow up...not just yet.

Oh, right now I want them to play with toys.

More toys please!

So in honor of my small panic attack...
In honor of the tears I cried
for the kids' movie that I paid almost $50 buck to are some of my boys' toys.

This book is a keepsake in our family.
Daddy tells this story like no other and our youngest 3 boys have each been addicted to his charming story telling and addicted to this book.
We have replaced this book twice over the past 6 years because of wear-and-tear.
It is definitely one of our favorite things.  It makes my boys so happy.


Casey said...

I just went to see that movie tonight and I'm SO glad to hear I wasn't the only one sobbing. My husband made so much fun of me! lol.

And I might copy your inspiration and take photos of favorite toys... good idea!!

And I agree about the money!! When did it get so expensive?? We paid $50 plus snacks. ugh.

Kim Rahn said... far, most of my "mommy" friends felt the same way. Just the other day my husband said, with a very misunderstood look on his face "was the toy movie sad?" I said uh-huh! He said all of his female friends on facebook were admitting they cried at the end. He looked so perplexed! I said "yep - me too!"

I had alot of fun taking pix of the toys. I wasn't trying to entertain them to make them laugh or sweating like crazy from chasing after them...yadda yadda yadda.

I got to photograph STILL thing and actual focus on my camera and the setting. I took of ton of pix because I was having fun experimenting. It was fun!

Thanks for checking out my blog. It has been a great way for us to get to know one another before we meet in person (which is just a week away!)

You work is beautiful and I can't wait to talk business with you!

See you soon!

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