Monday, June 7, 2010

summer fun

Today is our first day of summer vacation.

In hopes of using our time together
{without the schedules of school}
in an intentional way rather than being lazy,
we had a "family meeting" to discuss the summer.

We created a list of things we want to do.
{I had to say no to Sam's Alaska trip request.}

Financially we can't take big vacation this year, so we have some "stay-cation" plans.
Even if we aren't counting down the days until we get to the beach {not happening this summer},
we ALL have lots of stuff to look forward to.

I am so excited about this!

I got a little inspiration from Digital Reflections and her list of "100 Free Things to do With Your Kids This Summer."

I have find local activities and event in our community that are FREE!!!

Check this out for FREE movies once a week:

We will going to the movies for FREE once a week.  

We will also be visiting our local library for puppet shows, book readings, magic shows, etc...for FREE!  

I even have a few craft plans for us to enjoy {inexpensive crafts, of course}.  

I bought the kids each a journal.
I have some WONDERFUL scavenger hunts and photo projects that the kids are really gonna love!

I have also implemted Thoughtful Thursday - where we will make a concious effort to be extra thoughtful that day and brainstorm ways we can do that together {like taking lunch to Granny or helping out with the Summer Lunch Program at church}.

We even created a summer chores list for each kid in the family.  
They are very excited about earning an allowance 
{and placing stickers on their chart, too}.

We also had to set some major rules on the amount of TV and video game time!

This is going to be a great summer!


Anonymous said...

I am gload you found the list I put up on my blog. We are really excited about summer, too... Love your chore for change chart, we may have to try something like that around here...

Kim Rahn said...

Thx sarah for sharing it! What an awesome list! I keep referring back to it to get more good ideas! :)

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