Saturday, June 12, 2010

simple gardening

Since the beginning of spring, we have worked VERY hard in the yard
and I am so ♥in-love♥ with the beauty that continues to bloom
as a result of our hard work.

From beautiful and colorful flowers {I am a color junky}
to a garden full of veggies {soon to be}.

At the very beginning of spring,
Sam & I spent a lot of time {and energy} planting lots and lots of seeds.

bell peppers
habenero peppers

We watched the seeds grow into tiny little plants.

We actually planted so many seeds,
that we had enough little seedlings to give away to Granny & Aunt Tammy, too!
This was a good lesson for Sam on so many levels.

Soon, the little seedlings were big enough to put in the ground.

And now, the garden is big & green
and absolutely on the verge of a vegetable explosion.
Many of the plants have tiny blooms on them that will soon be food.
Some even have little baby veggies growing already.

We have some surprises growing.

These pumpkin plants have sprouted up everywhere in the garden.
Last November, we buried our rotten Halloween pumpkins in one of our garden beds.
Now, we have at least 10 pumpkin plants growing from the recycled Halloween favor.
We will have our very own "home-grown" pumpkins for fall 2010.

Most of the boys enjoy the garden.
Sam likes checking up on all of the plants and progress of our growing veggies.
Tyler is old enough to actually work in the garden.
He actually helped put many of the seedlings in the ground.
One of Tyler's chores is to water and weed the garden every other day.
Max just enjoys being outside for any reason.

Then, there is James...he cares nothing about the garden at all.
Honestly, he doesn't like getting hot or sweating, much less "working" in the yard. 


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