Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The title of this blog is really my husband's response to my latest obsession...knitting. Ah, yes, yet another attempt to achieve solitude and peace in sitting still.

A group of women at my church started meeting on Sunday evenings to knit. My dear friend, Holly, is always knitting something...and she offered to share her knowledge of this "hip" little hobby with the rest of us. Why not, I thought? So, yes, I joined a knitting group! HeeHee!

Here is the beginning of my very first project...a soon to be scarf.
So yes, my hubby questioned me starting yet another hobby. Knitting? Really? Ahhhh, He knows me all to well. I tend to obsess over things. Now this new little trick is supposed to be something I can do while sitting still, being quiet and calm. However, true to my character...I found it to be, well, frustrating & stressful. I do not like learning something new and then NOT doing it well right off the bat (yes, I often put this type of ridiculous pressure on myself - often). So, after the first night of my class, I came home and knitted for hours until I could get it right. I was far from calm and certainly was not quiet about my frustration (just ask my hubby). He just sat and giggled at me. And of course (in his "I told you so" sort of tone) he added, "I thought this was supposed to be something calming and relaxing for you."

It will be, dang it...calming and relaxing, once I learn how to do it.

Until new obsession...knitting a scarf!


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