Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Trip

In an effort to be still...

I did something that I ordinarily wouldn't...I went on a road trip completely alone. Granted I was not actually "still" but I WAS in the quiet and silence quite a bit. You see, even before I had a chaotic life with LOUD sounds of boys running and screaming at each other and playing with LOUD toys that constantly make noise...I hat
ed the quiet. During my single days I lived alone and hated the silence even then...which led to my obsession with television (which is a whole other story). So however chaotic my life may was very easy to adapt to the noise!

As I got in my car and set my GPS to guide me on my way on a 4-hour journey to Tennessee, I realized the harsh truth...I was the only one in the car and I was going to be totally alone in the car for the next 4 hours! I had a small panic attack and began dialing on my cell phone everyone and anyone who would talk to me. That got me through the first hour. Now wha
t? Really, this was very difficult for me! Not peaceful and not calming at all - as it should be. So I cranked up my ipod with some Sugarland and then Taylor Swift and found myself dancing like crazy! Other travelers on the highway were grinning at me! I cracked myself up. But I actually began to enjoy being alone...did I really just say that? The last half hour of the trip I changed the music to Third Day, Big Daddy Weave, Casting Crowns & Jenn Johnson...praising God for what I was about to do...

Yet something else out of the ordinary for me...the reason for this road trip. I was attending a photographers conference ALL BY MYSELF. Funny, my friends kept encouraging me..."You are a big girl and you can do this." LOL, considering I will be 36 years old on Friday of this week! I stayed in a hotel room by myself. I went to classes by myself. I even made some new friends, all by myself.

Normally, I don't like big crowds and new adventures that lead me OUT of my comfort zone. However, after the BIG pep-talk I gave myself on the drive up...I embraced this new experience. I actually went out of my way to speak to people before they spoke to me. I didn't retreat or hide during open discussion segments of the classes. Once, I even raised my hand to answer a question and came to the front of the class to participate in a demonstration. Anyone who knows me....knows THIS IS NOT LIKE ME. None of this was easy for me. The crowds were BIG, the Convention Center was HUGE and it was filled with some amazing and intimidating photographers...BUT I DID IT! (can you tell I am proud of myself?)

The main reason for embracing the situation that I had walked into was simple...I was following my dream. I was following my passion for the love of photography even if it was OUT of my comfort zone. And I did it. It was an amazing experience and such a blessing to be a part of. I learned so much about myself and my new business (Kim Rahn Photography) and I can't wait to apply it to MANY parts of my life.

I continuously praised God for the trip and for allowing me to experience all of it. I know that God will continue to bless my talent and new business, the way He already has.

Guess what, maybe I am a grown-up and just maybe I am a "big girl". Okay, maybe just a work-in-progress!


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