Monday, January 11, 2010

You Just Have to Laugh...

Seriously, I am laughing right now...

Since writing the last post about being somewhere alone and quiet, my kids have gotten up from their naps (well Sam doesn't really nap and James never went to sleep - he kept coming downstair to go potty - yeah right!) Only Max slept peacefully, thank goodness.

Ahhhh the irony of complaining about silence...I am now in the midst of 2 kids playing Leapster video games with the volume on full blast. I asked them to turn them down and actually turned James down myself, which sent him into a SCREAMING fit. There is a Cars race track on the floor running with no one playing it. It's makes a constant zzzZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ noise. Max is playing with his new barnyard animals Vtech toy that, of course, makes obnoxious animal sounds. He screams "ma ma, ma ma" pointing for me to look at the lights on the toy. Oh wait, now 2 boys are arguing over the Leapster video games. And, as always, the TV is on!

What can I say... a mother's true bliss! NOISE!!!!!!

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!


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