Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This is a fun idea from one of my favorite bloggers ( I will love the opportunity to be brutally honest. But ONLY on Mondays. Just know that on the other days of the week I plan on going back to my usual "Super Mom" self who has it all totally together, clean and organized (Ha, yeah, right!!)

I am NOT washing a load of clothes AGAIN today that sat in the washing machine wet ALL weekend.

I did NOT let me boys go to bed last night without brushing their teeth simply because I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I did NOT only read 1 book to them at bed time because I was longing for bedtime too.

I did NOT get slightly nauseous last week when my 6 yr. old said he was getting older and didn’t need to sleep “with big yellow blankie” anymore.

I am NOT allowing my kids to watch too much TV this morning so I can catch up on my favorite blogs.

I am NOT starting ANOTHER diet for the 3rd time this year already. I am NOT dreading lunch since I know it is going to be diet food. I am NOT trying to talk myself out of throwing in the towel AGAIN today & starting this diet again tomorrow. I do NOT want to jump in my car right now and head to Chic-Fi-La for lunch and a forbidden Dr. Pepper. I am NOT starving. And, of course I do NOT have a head ache from lack of caffeine Ughhhhhh!!!!

I am NOT still in my pj's and it's almost noon. My kids are still in pj's too.

James just said "I want to go pee pee in the grass" & I did NOT just say "Ok, go out on the back porch."

I lastly, I have NOT and would NOT ever procrastinate a long list of things that really NEED to be done today. I am NEVER un-motivated, NOT EVER!


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