Friday, January 29, 2010

Not the Getting, but the Giving

WOW!!! Where to begin....

My last post - I was so excited to find that some of my favorite bloggers were hosting some really cool give-aways!! I love give-aways!! Who doesn't? Right?

I am taking the long road of a short story - so hang with me...

I have been reading "Same Kind of Different As Me" by Ron Hall & Denver Moore, which is about GIVING selflessly & being obedient of God's calling to help those in need. I have been extremely moved by this book and feel blessed to have come across the Bloom Book Club Blog who suggested this book. On Wednesday, I finally found the time to catch up with the book club blog and listen to the hostesses, Jessica & Angie's discussion of the first 100 pages of the book.

Stay with me...

On Thursday, as I skimmed through all the blogs I follow relentlessly...I came across one blogger's post about her calling to give in the form of charity. She felt unsure of what she was supposed to give or to who. But, she was waiting patiently for God's direction. I found this interesting and...well...lingering...not sure why...but lingering...

This is going somewhere I promise.

As I moved on...I found a blogger, Jess Mac, hosting a raffle for a very sick baby girl named Calla, born at just 26 weeks, tiny & weak, growing stronger everyday in NICU.

Now Jess is truly a prayerful, faithful follower & obedient child of God. Over the past month, she has no knowledge of the fact that I have gotten to know her strength, beliefs, joys, pain & suffering, and now her son named little Levi & the blessing he is to her. She has no idea of the ways she has touched my heart & brought me closer to my Maker by her testimonial words she posts on her blog.

As I read Jess' blog closely about sweet tiny Calla & the raffle she was hosting to raise money for Calla's parents, I remembered clearly & specifically words from Jessica & Angie (The Bloom Book Club Blog)...back to the topic of GIVING & being obedient to God's calling. They brought up the fact that it is very easy to watch the news about the tragedy in Haiti & see so many people in need - but think "what can I do - my $5 won't make a difference", assuming that others are doing enough...celebs, large charities & organizations, etc. Angie says it's the "bi-standard effect" - thinking someone else will help. I am very guilty of this. I think "I can't give thousands of dollars & I am sure lots of other (rich) people are giving". Also, this tragedy has been talked about so much that we become numb to it.

As I was reading the blog about Calla & actually hurting for the struggles this family is going through and prayerful for the strength they need to endure this...for many months to come. I was thinking "I am sure lots of people are giving $ for this raffle and I bet they are raising lots of money". I struggled for a moment.

to give. me?

or not to give. why not me?

I was tempted to just click on to the next blog - but I stopped.

I prayed for this weak little baby girl & her family. For healing, strength & peace.

and then...(lightbulb moment), otherwise known as "Hello Kim, this is me, God."

I said outloud, "Ok, God, I got it."

I headed over to PayPal and donated some $ to the "Cora's for Calla" raffle. I fought my belief that I CAN'T make a difference. I didn't want to be numb to the pain of this family without helping, even if it was just a little.

Wow, it feels wonderful to makes my heart happy, my soul filled with His love & grace.



giving. selflessly. being obedient.

Honestly...I am amazed at what I am getting from my little bit of giving. Really? I am going to get something from what I gave? Yep. I am filled with joy!

I am so thankful for The Bloom Book Club, Ron Hall, Denver Moore, Jess Mac & sweet sweet little Calla - for playing a part in my spiritual journey, for being messenger's of God's love and His need for us to be giving of ourselves, for teaching me to be a better & more meaningful giver, and most of all...for being such a blessing to me. Thank you my dear friends (even though we've never met). I will continue to pray for visible ways that I can give.

Where was this story going?

Oh yeah...

...end of my story...I WON the first raffle of "Cora's for Calla" and I CAN NOT wait to GIVE these raffle winnings (adorable children's clothing) to my sweet friends & their babies!


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