Monday, January 25, 2010

My Very First Finished Project

Check this very first finished knitting project - a scarf. I was so excited to finish it & it only took me about 2 weeks. Yay me!!!!

The purpose of this new hobby was to calm me & help me find some peace in sitting still...& it works. I sit and knit about an hour in bed before I fall asleep at night (while listening to some brainless TV shows in the background). It helps me settle down & unwind after a crazy day. Yes, all of my days are crazy. Fun, but crazy none the less.

I have already started making a little baby blanket to use in some newborn photos sessions, as well as a pair of pink camo socks! Yes, I am attempting to knit socks! Can't wait to show pix!

PS - This is the "real" me in the pix - no make-up & a baseball hat to hide my not-fixed hair-do (or don't, I should say). It's a typical look for a Saturday with the family. My husbands says he loves the "natural" look. I find it somewhat harder to like the older I get. I feel the need for under-eye concealer and mascara more and more. But, oh well, now you've seen the "real" me.


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