Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

First of all, I will never be entirely wordless - even on Wednesdays. My goal will be: to be LESS wordy on Wednesdays.

Although, this is just an excuse to post ridiculously adorable photos of my undeniably cute kids & family.

Today is Max's Wordless Wednesday...

Max enjoys putting on clothes which is funny for many reasons:
~His brother, James, likes taking off clothes and is usually naked. Max is usually picking up clothing that his brother has discarded.
~He does this even when he is already clothed, clothes on top of clothes! In the mornings, he wears James' pajamas over his own pajamas.

On this particular day...Max was obsessed with his brother's underwear (they were clean, BTW). He wore them over his PJ's for most of the day - backwards since he had done most of the "putting on" by himself.
Very proud of himself and his underwear!
When I got him dressed, he still wanted to wear the underwear. So, under his pants & over his diaper - he wore underwear.

When my husband got home from work & changed Max's diaper...daddy found an extra layer as a surprise. Yes, he gave me a strange look. My response...sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and today Max HAD to wear underwear!

This is sweet sweet Max trying very hard to put his hot dog in his sippy cup...which is known at our house as "gook" (his cup of milk).

It may not have worked, but he sure looked cute trying it!


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